Shackman ESL Products
Repairing, fixing, upgrading all vintage and actual Shackman models.

Electrostatic loudspeakers are getting older during the years. They are contineously changing their physical state. Mechanical tension and diaphragm conductivity are  sensible factors to reproduction quality.

This fact is not that much important for fulltange ESLs, because the whole frequency range is covered by one sindle driver.  Hybrid ESLs are different, as the ESL tweeter changes relatively to the bass/mid  driver and looses its original acoustical balance. 

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Fixing the vintage Alex Shackman ESL Dynastat

Becomes like brand new.
Better and more reliable than before because of modern HV and insulating materials. Even the very vintage Shackman DYNASTAT panels may be fixed and get new glamour and brilliance.

Dynastat and ESL-MHT-85 Refurbish and Upgrade

Old becomes new

The panels will be repaired and upgraded completely. New HV and isolation materials and a new diaphrahm tecchnology  will give you an up to date ESL tweeter panel.

all electrostatic loudspeakers are getting older during time i passing. There is no difference between fullrange ESLs and electrostatic tweeters. But

Dies ist bei Vollbereichselekrostaten nicht so tragisch, weil dwer gesamt Frequenzbereich betroofen ist. Bei Hybrid ESLs ist das anders, da der Hochtöner sich im Verhältnis zu Bass ändert und damit die tonale Balance verändert wird. 

ESL-MHT-98 and ESLAB Reparatur

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