ESLs panels only
Shackman reromanus panels ready to go, but without any powering devices.

You may choose between different Shackman ESL panel types 

All types can be driven by a DIYer in one of three ways.

1. Step up transformer

2. OTL tube amplifier

3. OTL tramsistor amplifier


You will find informations and offers to all three powering types in this catalogue.


Complete ESL MHT 85 Kit, ready to go, pair

ESL MHT-85 kit ready to go.
Only solder the EHT High voltage power supply, and you are ready to go
Complete kit including panels, step uo transformers and all parts for building the EHT power supply and crossover 

ESL-MHT-85 Panel only, pair

The  original Dynastat version f_cmax -> 1000 Hz, matched pair

Old construction principle with partly new materials f_cmax  -> 1000Hz.

For more info:

ELS MHT-85 MkIII panel only, pair

The new Shackman version, matched pair

Updated construction principle with new materials, looking the same as the Dynastat version

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ESL MHT-98, Type ESLAB, panel only, pair


The very new high tech Shackman panel. matched pair

This is the next consequent step  from the ESL MHT-98 to a very new generation of electrostatic tweeters.

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ESL MHT-98, Type ESLAB - Barker, panel only, pair

The very new up to date version, panels only, matched pair.

Complety new construction principle in materials and driving techique.

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Shackman ESL Type WR-85, pair

Type WR f_cmax -> 300Hz, panels only, matched pair