3,5kV Ceramic Capacitor
3,5kV ceramic capacitor
High Voltage components
Special HV components for high voltage bias supply of ESL loudspeakers
There are specuial parts for passive (voltage doubling circuits) and active (voltage regulators) high voltahe bias supply

HV Unit, für V_pol, kit

High voltage unit as kit
110/220V AC input, 1200 Vol DC fix, Comes without  PCB

Conventional High Voltage Unit

For those, who cannot or do not want to solder.
1200 V DC on PCB

Active High Voltage Polarisation Unit, Kit

Active variable DC output from 0 to 2500V

6 - 15 Volt DC input, up to 2500V output. Electronic Components including PCB

Active High Voltage Polarisation Unit

Same as above, but ready to go, components mounted on PCB

30kV High Voltage wire

A. E. Petsche Co., Inc. 30kV wire

For upgrading Quad ESL57 (and 63 as well) or your own precious fullrange ESL projects

A.) That one really does not give any chance to leakage. And therefore will improve transient response by at least one power. Also efficiency of the transducer is ameliorated.

B.)The Quad57 HV wires are corroded after at least 10 years. They even resist correct resoldering, or the strands are going to break,  and consequently the cable becomes too short for the soldering points. So completely renewing the cables of th Quad ESL57 is nearly a must.

Price per meter