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Vinyl, HV, HR Measurement

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If  you are looking for more background information and technical aspects of the Shackman ESL products, please tune in to Shackman's info site  or  to download the R.A.E. Loudspeaker- Handbook. 

Special ESL, High Voltage, High Resistance and Low Ampere Test Equipment 

Working seriously on electrostatic loudspeakers, everyone needs some special high-voltage source and measuring equipment.  As well as reliant low ampere (pico-Ampere) electrometers and high-resisitance (Giga- to Tera-Ohm) measuring equipment. Even more important are reliable probes or  test fixtures, which allow to measure under reproducable conditions at any time.  And last but not least , only RCL bridges are realy able allow a reliant pairing and selcting  of  passive  electronic parts.  

Some of these very special equipment items can be found here. The objects are either own experimantal equipment or (seldom) taken as a trade-in.

All devices are tested and in functional condition with respect to age.

Specialties are noted in the items' description.

Some items may already be sold, although not yet marked as sold


Bruel + Kjaer test record

The most famous and rare pink noise test record. New and unused.

Deutsche Grammophon test record

The one and only classical "Deutsche Grammophon" reference and trackability test record . New and unused.

Keithley 6105 Resisitivity Adapter, Test Fixture

DIN-EN ISO surface AND volume resistivity adapter probe with HV source input.

For use with electrometer, GOhm-meter or pA-meter and high-voltage source.

A must. Mechanical device for reproducable, absolute (not only relative) measurement of surface and volume resistivity. Important for everyone who is working on conductivity of ESL diaphragms or who is develloping his own coating liquid.

Permanently reliable, absolute  and reproducable measurement results. We won't give away this treasure at  less than ..


FLUKE/Philips 415B, High Voltage Power Supply 5kV

Regulated source. e,g. for reliantly testing all bare ESL  panels like Quad, B&W, Shackman, Acoustat, Martin Logan. Ideal for any new ESL loudspeaker under test , e.g. for finding the corresponding stretching force to a given electrostatic field strength and vice versa.

Undestroyable. Solid state Tube driven with absolute constant voltage and current.  Industial, scientific and military standards.

New tubes. Attenuation in 1/10/100/1000 Volt steps, reverse polarity switchable. Best for precise surface resistitvity measurements under high voltage conditions in conjunction with a Pico-Amperemeter (Keithley) and eventually an appropriate probe like the one and only Keithley 6105 Resisitivity adapter


Keithley 610 C or 610A

Solid state electrometers
Running fine, not calibrated.Mesuring reduntantly.

Dr. Thiedig Milli-TO 2 Tera-Ohm meter

The non-plus-ultra. Legendary scientific milliohm to TeraOhm meter, for absolute measurements and calibration purposes. A must-have for serious and reliable work. 

2mOhm - 200TOhm

 like new, last calbration 2005

The VERMASON high.resitivity probe is not part of the item. We won't give away this jewel at  less than ..


Marconi or Rohde-Schwarz RCL Measuring Bridge

Measuring Bridges

Bothe types are excellent.


EICO Tube tester, Model 667

Excellent condition. Works fine
Everyone knows this famous tube tester.Reliant results. All standard sockets and more.