reromanus RAE Chassis
Speaker drivers

Speaker chassis drivers as overstock or used to be  experimental items for our own projects. 

Single and seldom items. Only available as long as stock lasts. 

Either experimantal equipment or taken as a trade-in

All devices are tested and in functional condition with respect to age.

Specialties are noted in the items' description. All prices per piece if not noted otherwise.

Very rare items for your experiments, as spare parts or for your own projects.

Please regard all prices in this chapter as proposals which can be subject of fair negociations...


Audax HD100D25HE special,

Spare parts for Symphonic Line  RG3  from 1991, manufactured by Audax to customers specifications

immaculate condition, 10 vailable, with special plate sound reflection absorbing plate. magnet and chassis resonance damping treated, Chassis front felt damped and magnet to chassis interconnection decoupled.


Philips AD2600RT8

The most famous Philps magnetostatic ribbon loudspeaker. Absolutely high-end

High efficeiency, absolute linearity up to 30kHz, 

5 available.


Podszus-Görlich TT202/37

Like new, The LF horn driver.

Used, comes from a Römer-ESL-Horn, see Chapter speaker kits.

2 pieces available


Other Podszus-Görlich drivers available TT202/25/8. Please ask for special offers.


Harbeth Acoustics LF8 MKIII, H.D Harwood

Original Type from the very late seventies and  early 80s, used and new ones, exellent condition 

The famous polypropylene chassis from the Harbeth HL BBC  monitor loudspeakers,  also used in Rogers, Spendor, Chartwell,  Checked. measured and absolutely like new, 7 avaliable.

!Be careful!  The original Harbeth LF8MkIII has a silvery grey dye cast chassis marked with a "Swisstone" sign. All other drivers are clones and falsifications. After legal steps, these clones later on were sold under the brand "Harwood"


Harbeth Acoustics LF5 MKIII C. H.D. Harwood

Harbeth LF5 MKIIIC

The original one from the most famous Harbeth ML Monitor. 6 available

This is the C version with heavy dye cast chassis, used for the special Harbeth ML Monitor loudspeakers for BBC use. Checked. measured and absolutely like new



Peerless CCS 220, double voice coil

Ideal and famous  for Subwoofer use
1 available, double vc, 2 x 8 Ohm

Peerless HDS Nomex 164

Nomex, Peerless CatNr: 830557 from the "Black Label Series"

7 available,  new and unused.


Peerless 250WF, very rare

2 available, SOLD

Podszus Görlich TT202/25 VK

The Podszus Görlich LF High-End VK- Version( Full Conus, textil surrond), used in in "Symphonic Line" products 

1 available only, diaphragm in good condition, chassis resonance damping treated, by "Symphonic Line", Rolf Gemein


Decca Kelly London DK 30

Complete units
Absolutely ok., new ribbons.

Original Decca Kelly London Bass driver Mk Ten

A real collector's item. The extraordinary magnets make these driver ideal for back-loaded bass horns.

Perhaps the most famous 8"  bass driver ever, 6 available, absolutely ok. Full dye cast chassis, a hell of a magnet,5,5 kg total weight. Ideal for bass horns.

Some diaphragm damping coating has begun to move during years of vertivally stocking.     


Kef B200 SP1014 and other KEF drivers

Bextrene diaphragm

Dalesford Ferroba magnets

KEF BD 139 Passive radiator, Original crossovers  etx, etc.

Ask for as quote

2 available


KEF T52B tweeter of 105 etc, dome has  small small dents, but works like new.
2 available

Decca Kelly Horn, gold version

Horn and transformer only of the Decca Kelly Ribbon DK 8, for upgrading of  the metal grey version. 

Jordanov Gamma Ribbon

The famous Gamma ribbon, without horn. Cobalt magnet  new ribbon.

Used as supertweeter,  2 available

WHD 200/25

The Elektor Shackman AS40 bass driver. Chassis and magnet and chassis resonance damping treated., used
4 available

Audax HD13D34H

Single item, new and unused

Jordanow Gamma Bass

Famous cobalt 12" bass  driver, alu dye cast
2 available

Fostex HF Horn Supertweeter FT90H

Technically ok., Optically in used condition
2 available.

Fostex Ribbon RP8

Single item
technically perfect condition.