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ESL DIY/repair parts
Tools and parts needed for building or repairing/upgrading your own DIY electrostatic loudspeaker

DiYing an electrostic speaker is a hard task. You might say, building a working ESL which delivers some kind of output  is not that much difficult.

You are right, but building an ESL with longlasting hifi quality is not that much easy.  Excellent material surely  ease this task. Have a look at our hitec products.  We are always up to date with technology progress. So you should perhaps visite our calalog site every once and a while.


reromanus VLC-Coating Liquid PMMA 2.5

The "Profs" High Ohmic VLC-Coating (Very Low Conductivity) liquid of the new kind now available for the DIYer.

There are three different types of coating available:   

VLC11 -->   R > ~10E10-11

VLC09  -->  R > ~10E8-9      

VLC07  -->  R > ~10E-6-7





Probably the second most important material for building reliable electrostatic loudspeakers

Everlasting, ever sure. Easy to handle,  ICP based coating of the modern kind.

50ml, water based, sufficient quantity for more than 10m² of foil.

Have a look at the application manual here


Foil, Mylar C , 3µ or 6µ, eg. for Quad 57/63/98xx, ML, Acoustat

Width 31cm (6µm only) or 60cm (3µ,m and 6µm), Minimum order 5m


 Pretensilized in both directions, the most used foil for ESl loudspeakers. Especially full range speakers.

 These ones are the original foils in Quad ESL63 and ESL57


HOECHST Hostaphan HN Foil 10µ, 12µ, 15µ, 25µ

15 -25cm width, please choose desired thickness and width. Minimum Order 5m.
Hostaphan is the most famous foil for ESL tweeters and heasphones  or other planar speakers.

High Tech HOECHST Foil, PHD 3µ or 6µ

Special High Power Polypropylene, width 75cm, 3µm or 6µm

Available thicknesses are 3µ and 6µ.

Bothe directions pre-stretched. One side c-treated for better gluing and/or coating. Very good shrinking properties.


Furthermore The 3µ type is the top solution for the dust cover of all  Quad ESLs, because of its extreme damping factor, in comparison to PE//Mylar. No Eigentones will be added to the original panels signals. Peter Walker would have used this PP one, given ,it would already have been on the market at that time.





Foil 10µ, Dupont PET Mylar metallized

15 and 60cm width available.  Minimum Order 5m.

No coating needed.

For use like the "Inverted ESL" way to drive an ESL loudspeaker. Or the "Beveridge" way to drive an ESL Electrostatic Loudspeaker.

 Do not confuse that fantastic alternative principle with "Single Ended" ESL driving. 


Original Duponts Nylon Polyamid PA Grains

Polyamid (Nylon) grains for producing your own high-ohmic coating liquid. Absolutely pure Dupont Nylon.  20g. You need that for producing your Quad ESL57 coating.

Original Dupont Nylon grains. It is very cleanly soluble for coating purposes. You can either choose PA6 or PA66, or even both in mixed quantities.  Sufficient quantity for 20m² coating.


reromanus PDM-2022, Damping Mesh for Quad ESL63

Finest high-tech Polyester mesh for electrostic loudspeakers. Same type and manufacturer originally used by Quad for  ESL panels and stators.

Allows efficient damping of  resonance frequencies in electrostatic loudspeakers. Wonderful results, when apropriately used.

Simultaneously it  gives an anti-sticking contact shield for the coated side of the diaphragm to the stator .

Price per m²



reromanus PMU-2019, ultimate power 2k-Adhesive

2K industrial/military adhesive for polyolefines like PP (polypropylene) and PE (polyethylene). 

Really the best, most reliable and easiest to use adhesive we ever had in hands.  Developing exactly the correct heat for gluing without destroying very thin PE/PP film .


Probably the most important material for building reliable electrostatic loudspeakers.

PU basesd with isocyanat hardener. 5 minute type. Coloured for better seeing real gluing area. Flexible. Final curing time under ESL stretching conditions less than 4 hours. No dosing tool (gun)needed. Gives perfect mixture of thje two components by simply pressing the "trigger finger"

Price valid for one double cartridge, 25ml



A combined package as shown below is available as special offer until 31.12.2007 at a discount price of 98.00€


reromanus ST-2011 High-Power stretching tape

The best for stretching ESL foil without a jig with aid of tape instead. Lot of  3.

Absolute gluing to any proper surface and, most important,  to its own back. No sliding off of the tape's adhesive by  mechanical tension power because of its surface smoothness (metallized). Really holds the mechanical tension during the most important first hour of curing of the adhesive. If not so, the prepared tension would pass away during the curing procedure, resulting ina too low a resonance frequency.  It is a must for reliable DIY work on your ESLs.

Metallized surface smooth like mirror or glas. roll of 50mm x 50m, 75mm core diameter

Remark: Do not use normal sticky tape (colour usually silver grey or black). Its non-gluing side is normally not appropriate for gluing on it. In the opposite, it is explicitly made non-gluing  for not attracting paints or other glue. This kind of tape will not constantly withstand the force of the stretching tension. The whole process would be unsuccessful. 



 Using reromanus special stretching tape