Quad ESL63, anthrazite grey cloth
HiFi Classics

Front End und Back End Equipment

Actually available items are from:

Harbeth, KEF, van den HUL, Decca, EMT, Quadral, QUAD, Audiolabor, Braun, Thorens, Philips, Hitachi, Bowers & Wilkins

Either experimental equipment or taken as a trade-in.

All items are/were in use, are tested and/or refurbished  and consequently under top condition with respect to age.

Special highlights or optical defects  are noted in the items description.

Please regard all prices in this chapter as proposals. They can be subject of fair negociations.. Contact: Mr. Reiner  E. Römer

Listening tests for all items possible  in our workshops or studios.

!Speakers' prices are per pair!


Harbeth BBC ML Monitor, HL Monitor

The most famous original Harbeth MLIII Monitor from 1981. To BBC Specifications with LF5 MkIII .


Serial number 146a/b 1981. (Look at the dia show). Electrically and acoustically absolutely ok. Finish fair caused by frequent transportation for monitoring use. The Harbeth LS3/5A equivilent of H.D. Harwood.

Also available is a pair of original Harbeth HLIII BBC Monitors (with the very LF8 MK III and HD12x9 of that time)) from 1982 for sale. That is the H.D. Harwood/Harbeth equivalent to the Rogers LS7. Please request a price. With original Hartbeth stands,


Quadral Phonologue "WOTAN"

The famous Quadral Series

With TechnicsTH400 Ribbon and the  perfect ISOPHON bass and mid drivers. Weight 25kg /enclosuire Perfect miont condition. Like new.. Original Quadral metal stands available


EMT XSD cartridge

German Thorens/Telefunken sound studio technology.     SOLD
One of the rare original EMT produced items. Nearly unused. Was attached to a Lustre.

Van den Hul DDT cartridge

very rare
Like new. Seldom used. Was the "second" system on the "second" (SME Series III) arm of the above Luxman PD-555.             SOLD

Audiolabor Power Amp ES 2075

German power amplifier, absolutly high-end
hand-crafted by famous Audiolabor workshops

Quadral Shogun Gold

Absolutely top condition; like new.  With Technics 200 HF magnetostatic ribbon tweeter.

Original shipping package. used to be our reference loudspeaker until 2006,

3 pairs available


Harwood Acoustics, LF5 D'Appollito, LF5 MKIII SFU

2 x Harbeth LF5 MKIII C + Dynaudio D28 SQ , fab combination for near to zero k2/3 distortion at highest levels       SOLD

A Harwood engineering master piece from 1986. Matched pair of a Harbeth LF5 MKIII C quadruple in sand filled sandwich enclosure. Dynaudio D28 SQ (rectangular front, very rare).  Clearly and easily  excerps the tonal balance of sounds, as a monitor should do.  Excellent condition. Weight about 60kg.


Audiolabor preamplifier VV 2020

German high-end pre- amplifier
hand-crafted. The photo shows the combination with the Audiolabor ES 2075 power amp 

Decca London

Original Decca London loudspeaker

very, very rare. Formerly used as  BBC monitor. New riibbons in 2009.

pair of almost mint Decca Kelly Ribbon London speakers. These are absolutely genuine, unmolested Kelly ribbon horns in original Decca London cabinets with the original bass mid drivers as well (years of manufacture match up and they sound absolutely beautiful and the woofers and tweeters blend seamlessly.


Shackman AS 7

Original Alex Shackman production  from 1983. Presented at the  "HIGH-END" 1983, Germany and the AES Convention , Paris. , Focal 8N bass driver

 2 pairs available

Hybrid loudspeker with Focal 8N401 bass-mid driver (no double voice coil (8N401DB) needed, because of low fx of ESL). Excellent condtion. Electrostatic panels renewed by ShackmanCabinet in nice design. Ask for more detailed photos.



Römer-ESL-Horn Mk IV

The legendary one in its final and perfect edition.

Shackman ESL MHT85-2020, Podszus-Görlich TT202/37/8/A, reromanus Tube OTL Direct couplesd  ESL amplifier V-type MHT (signal amplification without step-up transformer). 

First appearance in 1979, in four upradings and redisigns now, since 1998, in its final shape and condition.


Quad ESL63, fully renewed

Completely refurbished by the Shackman  reromanus repair service, Germany.   3 pairs available right now

Can be prepared for use under extreme tropical conditions.

Optically, technically and acoustically like new or even more....

3 pairs available, photo is an example.from actual stock. Ask for quote.


2 pairs of Quad ESL57 are available too, completely refurbished as well. Like this one below from 1983. Ask for quote.



Bowers & wilkins DM70 Continental

Fully refurbished, beautiful item.

Excellent condition. Like brand new.  Refurbished by Shackman-reromanus repair services.

Price on request.


ViFa 5-way complete loudspeaker

The Vifa Ultimate Top Model, Piano laquer dark shining grey                            SOLD

Excellent ,beautiful musically natural sound.  Gives full undistorted  life sound levels, even with full orchestral music. A musical dream. Absolute studio monitor qualitiy.

Excellent electrical condtion, pre-selected drivers, Laquer has small, nearly unvisible, defects because of multiiple transportation


Philips FB 825, the early brother of the Marantz LS-95

This is the juvenile brother of the Marantz LS 95. Integrated  the probably  most innovative magnatostatic ribbon tweeter of the world.       SOLD
The Marantz LS 95 has been devellopped and build by Philips for Marantz, based on this FB 825. The LS 95's sound is orientated on the FB825 and therefore it sounds equally  perfect and marvelous like an absolute  studio monitor champion.

Hitachi Pre-Amplifier HCA-6500


Hitachi Power Amplifier HMA-6500

A real high-class power unit.

Braun PS 350, the legendary one

Comes with Shure M75MG Type II, brand new belt. A true collector's item

Lengendary design, functionality an reliability. Optically fits all living rooms and is a referrer to listening standards. It is only given away because of room problems. And it is not given away this beautiful master piece of art for much less than the given price.