Römer ESL Horn MKIV
Modern Bass Horn Concept without compromise

Folding of Römer ESL horn. Top removedInterior folding element of Römer ESL HornPrinciple of wave propagation through Römer ESL Horn folding



Harmonic semi-active combination of impulse-true Bass driver and ESL. The lf-horn is a hypex based construction wich  impedance-matchingt and tuned with reactance anulling. The ESL can also be driven by a stepup transformer instead.


Römer ESL Horm MKIV DIY manual


The price is for precise technical drawings. Will be refunded after having bought Shackman ELS.

Dynamic without limits, fully hifi without subwoofer, OTL tube amplifier for ESL,  semi active solution with Podszus Görlich bass driver. Requires good tools and manual skills. Look at the dia show for more images.


 ESL tube amplifier driving the Shaclman ESL MHT-85 unit 

 The correspondent dipole/ripole subwoofer (optinal/facultative). Here in double doublet configuration.                                 



For more Info and various ESL driving possibilities go to


Refurbishment of existing Shackman-reromanus speakers/ESL units will be possible at fair costs. See . This service is available for all other electrostatic loudspeakers as well, like e.g. Quads ESL57/63, Bowers &Wilkins DM70 and so on.