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Stepup transformers and High Voltage Components

All you need fot the step-up version


Step up Transformer, Type MHT, PCB version

Shackman modern new PCB version, encapsulated, 1:50, secondary center tap

That is the one from the original R.A.E., reromanus Shackman hybrids with Podszus-Görlich bass units. 

Step up transformer, Type HT Surface Mounted

Variable input/output impedances
For use with any ESL tweeters down to 1000Hz, 1:40

Shackman stepup transformer Type-WR

Full range type 50W, surface mounted

Excellent, new technology transformer for WR-Type or full range use. Secondary center tap


HV Unit, für V_pol, kit

High voltage unit as kit
110/220V AC input, 1200 Vol DC fix, Comes without  PCB

Conventional High Voltage Unit

For those, who cannot or do not want to solder.
1200 V DC on PCB

Tube Telefunken ECC 803 S

The legendary one, with rhomb
1  piece available

VVC-640, Toroidal High voltage tube amplifier power transformer

Special universal high voltage transformer for all Shackman HV OTL amplifiers (V-Type. T-Type)

640V/440/350-115-15V-6,3V 4A , toroidal

prim.: 0 - 115 - 230V

sek. : 0 - 320 - 440 - 640V/0,10A for HV audio amplification

115V/0,05A for HV EHT polrization voltage

2x15V/0,10A for active crossover

6,3V/3,50A, tube heater

d = 97 mm h = 50 mm

T 40/E 50/60Hz n. EN 60742, CE certificated