b+w DM70
Bowers& Wilkins DM70/Quad ESL57/63

We are specialized on these ones.

We can help to fix all B+W DM 70 problems. We even have an approriate spare bass driver. And we have the most modern dust cover material available for the Quads ESL57/63 panels/elements


Fixing and upgrading the B+W DM70, Quad ESL57/ESL63 and other ESLs


Price is valid for checking and proforma estimate. Transport/shipping not included.

There are not few people, saying  that the B&W DM70 are the most musical loudspeakers ever built. These peaple  are possibly right. But very right for sure are those ones who say,  that no DM70s should be in the cellar, only becaue no one in the neighbourhood  has the appropriate tools nor the knowledge to get them alive and even more, .. get them better and more reliable than they have ever been before.

The transport costs are not that much, because usually only the panels (and sometimes the elctronics) are to be shipped. The costs for checking usually are nearly null, but if  really more (sometimes that  can happen because of extrem weired electronic problems in the EHT), it will be refunded after repair.

For more information get closer and go to  our special 

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Surface resisitivity 1.9x10E12