About us

Yes, we are the folks  from  Aachen and  Duisburg in Germany with branches from Hamburg to Frankfurt and Munich

That's why  you are surely right being here.

Because this is a site for those who are involved in any kind of ESL DIY projects Or for those, who are about to refurbish,  beloved 57s or Beveridges, as well as devellopers and engineers of complete ESL hybrid loudspeakers.


After moving from Aachen/Duisburg  we are now concentrated in Oberhausen/Germany since 1992 and we are specialized on upgrading the overall technology of electrostatic loudspeakers. We are working with and on electrostic loudspeakers since more than 30 years. This is resulting in large improvements of the classic Shackman electrostatic tweeters and a valuable knowledge on repairing all kind of electrostatic loudspeakers and headphones.


You may contact us by:


Phone: +49(0)2086351070

Fax: 49(0)2086351071

Mail: service@reromanus.net

reromanus Chief




 Reiner E. Römer